LEGO Picture Frame

legoideasbookI love the LEGO Ideas Book but there’s a lot in there that’s sometimes a bit too complicated for a 4 year old. Every now and again I leaf through the book looking for a good project for us, find something I think will work and then inevitably get a quarter of a way into building something and realize I don’t have the necessary pieces. That said, it’s still a lot of fun to experiment and I seem to get more caught up in the project going “perfectly” more than Tessa is.

One project from the LEGO Ideas Book that worked out really well is the LEGO picture frame.

It was pretty simple and took about 20 minutes to build. The frame is 14 x 16 and fits a 4×6 photo I trimmed to fit. I think a 3×5 photo would work but I didn’t have any.

Here’s some photos of the frame:



The photo we used is an old one (she was probably about 18 months there) and was really used to just test out the frame, but Tessa loved it and has put it on her activity table in her room.



3 thoughts on “LEGO Picture Frame

  1. Great blog concept! We have been trying to organize our collection to make it easier for our girls (3 and 6) to build (got any ideas?). I will likely use the picture frame idea so wanted to say thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for commenting Shawn.

      Yes, I do have ideas about this and will post something on this soon. I’ll also post some pics of our LEGO play area as well. It’s not perfect but I do think it lends itself to being more organized and helping younger children to build.

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