Female Minifigure Set makes review stage on LEGO CUUSOO

thumb640x360 (4)In case you don’t know, LEGO CUUSOO is a site where you can share your own LEGO set concepts and creations with the goal of getting enough support to have it eventually become released as real products.

I don’t vote for many LEGO CUUSOO concepts but one of my all time favorites was the LEGO Female Minifigure Project I found several months ago.

This project (designed by Alatariel) consists of some professional female minifigures that also show that girls can become anything they want, including a paleontologist or an astronomer.

Here’s some photos of the concept:

thumb640x360 (2)

thumb640x360 (1)

thumb640x360 (3)


Today, the LEGO Female Minifigure Project achieved the necessary 10,000 supporting votes to advance this project to the official LEGO review stage. LEGO will now consider Alatariel’s design for manufacture during their next quarterly review in early September. At that point, they will build a full business case for the proposed set and decide if it will go into production.

I’m very excited about this and am proud to have voted for Alatariel’s concept. I sincerely hope this set makes it into production (especially the zookeeper, that was Tessa’s favorite out of the pictures I showed her).


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