LEGO LED Flashlight

Tessa, like just about every other 4 year old I’ve ever been around, loves flashlights. The problem is she usually leaves the flashlight on forever and its batteries run out. So I thought it would be cool to make one out of LEGO and using one of the LEGO LED bricks and not batteries. I went to trusty old Google and found a bunch of links and tutorials for building a flashlight out of LEGO.

Out of all the links and videos I saw, I liked this one best:

Here are photos of the one we built:




This was a lot of fun to make and Tessa loves her little LEGO flashlight.

Watch the video and try it out for yourself. Remember, you’ll need one of the LEGO LED bricks (if you don’t have one, you can buy some used or new on BrickLink) to make this particular flashlight.

If you have ideas for making a better one or want to share the one you built, please leave a comment below.


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