Our LEGO Wish List for 2014

We got the latest LEGO catalog in the mail the other day and that got both Tessa and I thinking about what we want to add to our LEGO collection this year.

As a quick aside, let me add that our main focus in building our collection is simply to purchase bricks. I’ve been buying bricks from BrickLink, garage sales, Craiglist, and from the Pick-A-Brick wall at the LEGO store for some time now. 

Time and again, when I watch Tessa playing and building with her LEGO bricks, she more often than not builds her own creations. While she loves the sets we do purchase (predominately LEGO City, the LEGO exclusive holiday/seasonal sets, LEGO Creator and LEGO Friends), she tends to always return to building her own unique things to compliment her play with the sets.

That said, we did find a few sets that really caught our eye and will definitely have to become part of our collection.

1. LEGO City Set: Camper Van


We have several of the camper sets already and camping is something Tessa loves so this became an immediate add to the list. Tessa loved the canoe and after seeing this, woke up the next morning and immediately built her own canoe out of LEGO.

2. LEGO Creator Set: Mountain Hut


Okay, I’ll admit it. This set is all me though I think Tessa will love this too.

3. LEGO Creator: Furry Creatures and Forest Animals

furrycreatures forestanimals


These are so cute and like all Creator sets, you can create 3 different models. Tessa squealed when she saw these so I know we’ll have to purchase these in 2014.

I’m sure we’ll be adding more, especially after I saw the “Rumored LEGO Summer Sets” post from @NeoApe which had LEGO City Arctic sets (Snowmobile, Polar Lift Helicopter and more), a LEGO Creator set (Bicycle Shop & Cafe) and some interesting LEGO Friends sets (First Aid Jungle Bike, Jungle Waterfall Rescue, Rescue Base in the Jungle and more) all tapped for a summer release. No pictures yet, but when I find some, I may be updating this post.

What are some sets you’re looking forward to in 2014?



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