Our Sets

LEGO Friends

DSC01990* Squirrel’s Treehouse

* Cat’s Playground

* Turtle’s Little Oasis

* Bunny’s Hutch

* Hedgehog’s Hideaway

* Emma’s Karate Class

* Stephanie’s Outdoor Bakery

* Adventure Camper

* Heartlake City Pool

* Olivia’s Tree House

* Emma’s Lifeguard Post


* DSC00435Fire Motorcycle

* Police ATV

* Police Helicopter

* Car and Caravan

* Surfer Rescue

LEGO Creator

* Mini Skyflyer

* Mini Fire Rescue

* Mini Sports Car

* Small Cottage

LEGO Castle

* Gold Getaway

Bricks & More

* Police Building Set

* My First LEGO Princess

* LEGO Blue Suitcase

* LEGO Pink Suitcase

* My First LEGO Fire Station

* LEGO Large Pink Brick Box

* LEGO Brick Box

LEGO Exclusives

Decorating the Tree

* Fall Scene

LEGO Friends Doghouse Holiday Ornament

* Santa’s Sleigh

* Springtime Scene

* Summer Scene

* Thanksgiving Feast

LEGO Holiday

* Easter Bunny with Basket


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